Afternoon Tea with Jane Austen: What a "Peachy" day!

 So when the weather is succumbed by a polar vortex (did anyone else have this image in mind when hearing those words? Snow hurricane anyone?), and the snow is quite deep...

...and the University is closed, the only thing left to do is have a tea day.

For Christmas my friend bought me a tea infuser and some lovely tea selections, including Winter Chai and Apple Cinnamon.

I needed some leaf tea for my infuser though so I took some of my Christmas money and went to the tea store in the closest mall called Teavana

They were having a sale on the canisters so I bought 2. I filled up the one with English Breakfast as I already know I like that tea. I only got a bit of the White Peach because it was more expensive and I wasn't sure if I would like it. Let me just say that the smell of the peach tea was heavenly! I love peach smelling things and peaches and as soon as I took a whiff I knew I needed to get some.

I really enjoyed the peach tea. It was the first time I had tried a white tea and so it was a bit strange having my tea look more like watery apple juice. I had about 3 cups and then steeped some more so I could make it into Iced Peach Tea.

I sat down with my tea and had some quality time with the Jane Austen book my parents gave me for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Do you have any tea recommendations for me to try?

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