Book Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I really enjoyed it this book. I borrowed the second book from a friend as it is a series. I am not entirely sure how many books are in the series but it seems like a nice light read and I will continue reading this series.

I actually watched the movie before I had read the book. I wasn't aware that there was a book series until after I had watched the movie and since I liked the movie I figured I would like the book. I was right! I found that in the book the romantic relationship between Becky and her future boyfriend (I won’t give away who it is for those who do not like spoilers) made more sense. It showed how they came to meet and develop feelings for each other better than it did in the movie. Since it is a movie obviously they cannot draw out the relationship like you can do in a book so I liked that it did not move too quickly.

I can relate to the main character, not that I am a shopaholic or in debt. I am aware of my finances and I only own one credit card which I always pay off right away. As girl who loves to shop (especially for shoes and dresses) I can see how she justifies her purchases because, though my justifications are not as silly as hers, I tend to do the same thing. Bottom line is, if you are looking for a light, quick read that has a romantic story line that does not consume the entire plot and has some comical moments than this is a book for you. 

I hope you enjoy and as always Happy Reading!