Monthly Blog Favourites: January

It can be quite daunting to have 100 posts in your blog feed and to be interested in each article (which does not always happen). I thought that a great way to help support the blogging community is to share some of the articles I've read this month. I think it will be a good idea to make this a monthly thing, in addition to the Book Reviews. The following are some of the articles I have enjoyed reading this month:

Why Visit Jerusalem? by Backpacker Becki: I am in the midst of preparing for my upcoming Israel/Palestine trip and Becki has written a few great posts on places to see and things to do in this area.

Best Countries For Backpacking: Not only is this a cool and informative article but it is written by some of the bloggers I regularly read!

True Nomads: I have like so many of Justin's posts that I could probably dedicate a whole post to just him and his blog. I love his postcards section and the Interesting Facts (Panama and Lithuania) posts the best. He writes a lot of other great stuff too and his story is very inspiring!

20 Common Chinese New Year Phrases by Besudesu Abroad: Always a good thing to know some traditional phrases in another language in case I find myself there one day.

Strangest Places to Visit in Australia by Suitcase Stories: I really want to see that pink lake! It just looks so cool and I have never seen anything like it.

Tips For Moving Abroad by Lining in Another Language: Part of me "Life Plan" is to teach English abroad and so I always like to read posts on people who have done so themselves to get a better idea of what I am getting my self into.

SOTM Tour: Month Seven of Twelve by Adventurous Kate: Kate's blog is one of the first blogs I started reading and I love it! Kate and her fiance are travelling the glob on their "Someone Once Told Me" Tour and it is fascinating to read about all of their adventures.

JooJoo Azad x Office Depot by Hoda: I love her fashion posts and she seems like such a sweet, caring person that you instantly feel happier when you read her posts. I really liked one of her recent posts where she did a photo shoot at Office Depot. It looked really fun and colourful!

Young Adventuress: This Lady is so funny! I always laugh at some part of her post, I just love her sarcastic humor. She recently moved to New Zealand and in her latest post, announced she was going to be on House Hunters International! Which must be super exciting.

I have read and liked many more posts this month but if I shared them all then you would be reading this forever. I hope you enjoyed the articles I recommended and have found a new favourite blog to read!

Happy Reading!