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My favourite place was Anne Frank’s House! I had had always wanted to go to there ever since I read her book when I was younger. It amazes me when places of such significance are still intact for people to visit. Anne is definitely one of the most courageous young woman I had ever read about and I am very happy I got to see some of the things I had only read about before.

A tip for you if you go is to buy your tickets online. My cousin told me that the line is always long and buying a ticket allows you to skip the line. We were there in July (tourist season) and went on a Sunday (weekends are very busy).

You are not allowed to take any pictures in the museum, especially in the Annex. Of course people ignore this but I believe it is disrespectful to do so. Also the Annex is unfurnished. The Nazis took the furniture out and I believe Mr. Frank did not want any of it put back in. You do get to see the posters that were up in Anne’s bedroom. There is one of Queen Elizabeth II and her late sister Margaret when they were younger, it was interesting to see this piece of history.

The next day I said goodbye to Holland and took the train to Paris.

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