Arriving in Paris and Staying at Hôtel Peyris Opéra| Explore Paris

 We took the Euro Star from Rotterdam to Paris Nord. That train was crowded! Which i think it normally is, especially in July.  Even though there was assigned seating, people just sat wherever they wanted. There were people in our seats and they demanded that we show them our ticket to prove it was our seat. After, they apologized and politely moved so we could sit. However I did not stay sitting for long. An announcement came on to tell us that at the stops, people may come on and seal our bags. This was enough to instill panic in me. I did not want to lose our luggage so whenever the train was coming to a stop I made sure to go and check on our luggage in the over-flowing luggage compartment, conveniently located right at the doors. 

Finally we arrive in Paris and my worries cease. The Hotel we stayed at was called Hôtel Peyris Opéra. It is located on Rue du Conservatoire. There was a cyber cafe close by; however I recently looked it up so I could include directions and an address and I think it may have moved. It should still be in Paris somewhere and it was a pretty good price I think, I have never been to an internet cafe before so I cannot say for sure. The cafe is called Cyber@phone and it was 1€ for 20 minutes, which is all I needed to send a quick Facebook message to my friends. The hotel we stayed in has breakfast included. The breakfast had tea, coffee, juice, an assortment of fruit, pastries, bagels, and of course croissants. 

A bike upgrade from The Netherlands

There are stairs and an elevator in the hotel. The elevator however is super tiny, only one of us with our suitcases could go up at a time. It was one of those old fashioned elevators where you have to close the outside door and then an inside door (like in the Lizzie McGuire movie, which is what I thought of when I saw it).  

The rooms are very nice and clean and big enough for two people. The bed was extremely comfortable! And also with a balcony view it was a very nice hotel. The restaurant next door is a bit pricey; we saved it for our last night in Paris and treated our selves. It had excellent food though. 

Happy Travels!

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