Discovering My Love of Mesopotamia Art at the Louvre| Explore Paris

The Louvre is a very large museum, with many exhibits and floors of art and sculptures. I went to most of the exhibits, after all it was my first time in the Louvre and I wanted to experience all of it. After walking to the Louvre from the hotel (about a 30 minute walk) I waited in a very long line, in the rain. Luckily I brought an umbrella and it wasn't raining too much. The Museum is closed on Tuesdays, and if you want to skip the line, you may want to purchase tickets ahead of time.

I liked going to the Louvre without a guide or being part of a tour because it gave me the chance to really take my time and look at all of the amazing architecture of the building itself as well as the amazing pieces inside it.

As you may have determined from the title of this post, I have a thing for Mesopotamia art and I owe it to the Louvre. It was so cool seeing the Code of Hammurabi, I realize it is not the thing people go to the Louvre to see but I had learned about it in my high school law class so it was cool to see the actual artifact and see the inscriptions on it.

I really enjoyed seeing the history of the world in one place. It was amazing to travel to Egypt and then Ancient Greece and then onto China and the East Asia all in one place and seeing the sculptures and artifacts that have survived hundreds of years.

Happy Travels!

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