Monthly Blog Favourite: February

Well it is the end of another month and so once again I will share with you some great posts I have read throughout this lovely, albeit cold month. I hope March brings some warmer weather. Also please check back on Sunday if you are interested in make-up because that is when I will be launching what I hope to be an interesting assortment of make-up related posts.

Jane Austen: A Hidden Gem and Austen Fashion by Kerry's Habitat and The Italian Bunny Report: I absolutely adore Jane Austen! I think she is an amazing writer and I am just obsessed with all things Austen. When I saw this post on my bloglovin' feed I was instantly excited and the content did not disappoint. I read this on the very first of February and I knew I had to put it in my end of the month post.

In Prague, All You Need Is Love by Julia who writes at Nowhere To Go But Everywhere: I love Prague, as you may have known from a previous post of mine. I have never been but just looking at the pictures in this post, well needless to say I am even more obsessed with Prague than I was before (I didn't even think that was possible).

Eat, Pray Love in Istanbul by Jessica who writes at Curiosity Travels: I would go for the "Eat" just by looking at that Turkish Breakfast! Turkey is a place I would love to travel too, the food, the culture and the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. I may have to do my own Eat, Pray, Love trip to Turkey soon.

Can You Travel Around Israel on a Budget? by Audrey who writes at That Backpacker: I love Audrey's blog and I was very happy when I saw she had travelled to Israel and had done a few articles on the country. I am very excited about my trip this summer and so I like to read articles to get advice on places I should see.

Visit the 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt by Justin who writes at True Nomads: My goal is to one day see all or most of the UNESCO sites so I found Justin's article to be very inspiring and I hope one day I can make it to Egypt.

10 Quotes That Changed My Life by Sophie who writes at Journey of a Lonely Bird: I always like posts full of inspiration. Sophie has such a unique blog and I really love reading her posts. My favourite quote: "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." (Paolo Coelho). 

10 of the Most Incredible Castles in Poland by Madalina who had a guest post on Justin's blog True Nomads:  My childhood was definitely filled with me imaging I was a Disney Princess and than reading about actual Princesses who lived in real castles. All of these castles represent amazing architecture!

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I do and have a Happy Weekend!