Walking My Way Through The Streets of Paris and Climbing Up The Eiffel Tower| Explore Paris

If you are going to be traveling around a major city like Paris or London I recommend getting a Metro (Paris) or Oyster (London) Card. It is significantly cheaper and easy to use once you've been on it a couple of times. Another option is the hop on/hop off bus, which brings you around to all these places and when you want to you just get off and then catch the next bus when you are done. Here is the link to the website to get times, prices and the stops it includes. 

The first sight was the Cathedral de Notre Dame. Now I love Gothic cathedrals and I take about 200 pictures of each one. I wish I was joking, in fact it is probably more. When I post about my May 2013 trip you will see what I am talking about. I wonder if there is a Cathedral's of Europe Tour  I can go on? Obviously I cannot post 200 pictures of one building, because that would be too much, so I always have to narrow it down which is so hard!

La Conciergerie was next on my list. It was where Marie Antoinette was held during the days leading up to her untimely death. 

Whilst in Paris, one must do some shopping. How else can you say..."Oh that? I picked that up in Paris.", am I the only one who finds this cool to say? Behold the wondrous, one-stop shop of the Galeries Lafayette.

A must see is the gardens at the Palais du Luxembourg. I did not go inside the actual building because the gardens were too pretty to ignore.

Now off to Place Charles de Gaulle to see the Arc de Triomphe, where you can get an amazing view of the city after climbing 284 steps (did I mention is was a spiral staircase?).

The most visited attraction and I will admit, the one I wanted to see the most is the Eiffel Tower! I only went to the first landing but one day I will brave the two hour line for the ride up to the top!

Happy Travels!

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