Monthly Blog Favourite: March

Well I am not sure how I felt about the month of March. They say that if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb. To be honest it was the same cold weather we (here in Canada) have had all winter and It certainly does not feel like spring. Here's hoping April brings some nicer weather, or at least rain instead of snow.

Here is some of the blog posts I have been reading this month:

8 Perfect Reasons to Overdress by Undercover Princess. I love basically every article she writes and I love articles that say how amazing it is to overdress. One should never worry if "I am too fancy" for an event. Are you comfortable? Do you like the outfit? Then it is perfect and if you are the only to show up in a ball gown well own it! I love dressing up and even for family holidays when everyone else is in jeans and a t-shirt you can find me in a sundress with my wedges, equipped with my favourite necklace and earrings.

50 Blog Post Ideas by Odds and Sodz: I love when bloggers share great writing ideas! Sometimes I get to a place where I just do not know what to write and it can be hard to come up with new creative ideas.

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday #205 --Just Because by Misadventures with Andi: I need to remember this quote because I am guilty of this!

10 Fun Facts About Languages by The Journey of a Lonely Bird: I love posts like this! Languages fascinate me and it is always interesting to know facts about languages. I wish I could speak and write and communicate in every language. I wonder if that is possible? I am already starting to mix up my English and German.

5 Scottish Castles That Will Make You Wish You Were Noble by Wander Tooth: I love castles!!! And seeing the lovely pictures of these amazing castles makes me want to go to Scotland even more.

The Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Chiang Mai by Audrey Bergner: I am not a vegetarian but I do not like seafood and I know Asian cuisine tends to have seafood in it, so it is always nice to have a vegetarian option when you can't choose chicken.

Tips For Visiting the Taj Mahal by Lost in Travels: I love getting advice from someone who has actually been to a place and knows the best times to see the sights and what to wear when you do.

24 Hours in Rome--How Much Can I Eat? by Young Adventuress: I think food tours are a great way to see a city! I have never been on one but a food tour of Italy sounds amazing! And that pizza photographed looks so delicious.

White Temple, Chaing Rai by Living in Another Language: This temple looks so cool! The architecture is just, well I cannot think of the words to describe it. It must be amazing to see it in person.

Weekend Reads #2 by The Travel Hack: I like finding new blogs to read from other bloggers. Be sure to check out that Intrepid video!