A Parisian Night: Latin Quarter

Before embarking on our tour, we had one more night in Paris. I discovered new loves for the city, like that ice cream car and the Late Quarter. I made a mental note to explore this area more, the next time I find myself in Paris. I also made a note to eat more cheese plates because they are amazing! 

For dinner we went as a group to the Latin Quarter and ate an authentic French style meal in a restaurant called L'Escarmouche. 

It was a really cool restaurant and the tables were set up in the cellar which added to the experience. I went out of my comfort zone and decided to try Frog Legs for one of the courses. Turns out they are a bit more fishy tasting than people said and I am not a fan of seafood, so I opted to eat most of the bread instead.

I love that it was a multiple course meal and that the French have a cheese plate as one of the courses! Yum! After dinner the bus took us on a little night tour of the city. I had never seen Paris at night before and so I loved that everything was lit up and looking so pretty!

From Paris we set out towards the Normandy Coast! Next post features the gardens where Monet drew his inspiration from! Steph from Twenty Something Travel was kind enough to feature some of the pictures I took in her Friday Postcard post!

 Happy Travels!

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