A Rainy Day in Paris

After I completed the 2 week program I decided to stay an extra week and go with Cosmos Tour Groups on an adventure in Northern France! !

I had planned, when I arrived in Paris, to spend the whole day exploring but since I was up at 5am, by the time I got to Paris I was very tired and decided to take a nice nap in my hotel room. After the tour group meeting I ventured a little down the road and had a delicious dinner of chicken risotto and scrumptious bread.

The next day was the start of the tour. First we all went to see Notre Dame which was celebrating it's 850th Anniversary! I recently found out that you can walk around the top of the cathedral...how I did not know this before I am not sure, but this means I have an excuse to go and see it again!

It was a gloomy, rainy day and so for the independent exploring portion of the day I decided to get a little snack and some tea from a nice little café.

I couldn't resist taking the clichĂ© picture of these macaroons. 

Happy Travels!

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