Monthly Blog Favourites: April

April was a very busy month and because I had exams I had to stop reading blogs for a couple weeks. When I returned to my bloglovin' page, I saw I had about 600 posts waiting to be read. Let me tell you, it is quite the task trying to go through 600 posts. I made it through and read most of them, and I am happy it is that time again to let you know some great posts out there in the blogging world that should be read.

Inside Islam: Visiting the Stunning, yet Surprising National Mosque by Besudesu Abroad.I love everything about this post! It was so cool to see pictures of the National Mosque and I like the tips Beth provided on being culturally sensitive.

Top Tips for Visiting the Taj Mahal by The Travel Hack. Posts like this one are so informative because you get proper tips from someone who as travelled and experienced this site before.

Elegant Erfurt - From Socialist Rule to Stunning Restoration  by Backpacker Becki. I enjoyed the compare and contrast provided for this former Socialist ruled city. Amazing pictures.

11 Spectacular Fortresses in Serbia by True Nomads. Castles and fortresses are my weakness, I guess I never really thought of Serbia in terms of fortresses but I really enjoyed this article and now I have an excuse to go to Serbia.

Edible Obsession: Homemade Churros and Dipping Sauces by Lauren Conrad. I have never had Churros but they look like something I would greatly enjoy and so I am excited to try out this recipe. I wonder if I can make them into heart shapes like Lauren did.

Travel Tips: Easy (& Lesser Known) Ways to Save Money While Traveling by True Colours. I never even thought of some of these ideas. I really liked the tip on flying into a different airport other than the main hub. I will remember that in the future.

Dreaming of Tuscany by Young Adventuress. Beautifully written with stunning photography. Under the Tuscan Sun is on of my favourite movies and this article has made me even more Tuscany obsessed. It might be cliché but it is a cliché I hope to enjoy one day.

Happy Reading!