Monthly Blog Favourites: May

So this months favourites are coming a bit early. The reason is because as you are reading this I will be flying to Israel and have little to no access to the internet for 6 weeks. I won't be completely off the grid but when I do have access I plan to just go on Facebook to let my family and friends know I am alive and well (I have some dramatic people in my life). This post is dedicated to Sophie who writes at The Journey of a Lonely Bird since she enjoys reading these posts so much. Also I have 81 followers on bloglovin'! When did that happen?

The Great Wall of Mumbai in Photos by Breakaway Backpacker. I had no idea that this existed and it is so cool that artists go permission to turn an ugly slab of concrete into something fun, vocal, and down right cool.

I Want to Live in a Palace. Kinda. Maybe Not. by Foreign Geek. This post is basically my thoughts from someone else's mind (does that make sense?). While the name of my blog is The Princes of Tea, I do not actually refer to myself as a Princess or actually think I am one. I really loved my trips to Versailles and there is just something magical about being in a palace where Kings, Queens walked through.

50 Things to Do in PRAGUE! by That Backpacker. I have mentioned this before (maybe about 5 or 6 times) that I am obsessed with Prague. I have never been but for some reason something is drawing me to that place and so when I saw this delightful piece in my bloglovin' feed I knew I had to read it. Can I just say that if I were not about to go to Israel and had the money to afford it, I would totally be on my way to Prague.

Falling in Love with Trastevere by Curiosity Travels. The pictures is what I imagine all of Italy to look like. I fell in love just looking at the quintessential Italian streets with the beautiful burnt orange buildings. I can smell the fresh bread, pasta and pizza and I can hear the buzzing sound of the vespas whizzing by.

Thank you for stopping by. There will be no June Monthly Blog Favourites, but maybe I will do two posts in July to make up for the lack of one next month.

Happy Reading!