Monthly Blog Favourites: June

I was away during the month of June and had limited access to bloglovin'. Here are a few of the posts I read in June.

The Best Global Destinations for Female Travelers by My Hot Pink Passport. I loved this post! A few female travelers each submitted a place in the world they believe is a great destination for a female to travel to, either in a group or solo. I love collaborations like this and it was a great way to be introduced to some new blogs.

Earning Abroad: Teaching English in Thailand by Alex In Wanderland. I have given a lot of thought to possibly teaching English abroad after I graduate university and so I like to read articles about different places and experiences to help me make that decision. 

Easy Reads with booksandquills by Essiebutton. Essie Button is usually a beauty YouTube guru and blogger but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this post and video on her blog. I love getting new book recommendations and Sanne really does have a way of making you want to read the book even if it is something you did not think you would be interested in. She makes you interested in it! I don`t know how she does it but I have added booksandquills to my YouTube feed.

Tuesday Ten: Top Beauty Foods by Lauren Conrad. Lauren Conrad has one of the most prettiest blogs I have ever seen! And her content is amazing as well. I love how DIY, Books, Food, Lifestyle and Fashion can all be found in one place. I really enjoyed this article as I try very hard to eat healthy and I like to know what the best foods to eat are.

So this month is very short but I hope you enjoyed some of the posts I liked this month.

Happy Reading!