Monthly Blog Favourites: July

It is now August which means that another edition of my favourite blog posts is due for July. Here is what I have been reading this month online:

Postcards from The Cloisters in Upper Manhattan by That Backpacker. Who knew that in the midst of all the glistening skyscrapers and the concrete that New York is know for, existed this timeless piece of architecture that looks like it belongs in Europe. 

27 Must Try Foods From Around the World by GRRRL Traveler. Part of the fun and adventure of travelling is trying new things and while you may not end up liking them (refer to the Frog Leg incident of 2013) at least you can say you have tried...Kangaroo Loin?

10 Little Towns in Europe You Need to Visit by Living in Another Language. 
Basically Amanda has added to my wanderlist for Europe. I didn't think it was possible to expand but Hallstatt, Austria is calling to me. Very loudly.

73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively by Queen of Jet-lags. Ok so Queen of Jet-lags did not actually write or record these interviews but if it wasn't for her I would not have discovered them. I think this interview style by Vogue is so cool and it made me like these two ladies even more (who knew Blake Lively liked to bake?).

Hello, August! [Lately] [Travels] [Morocco] by Joojoo Azad--Free Bird. One of my favourite bloggers is travelling in Morocco and Iran!!! Two places I would love to see (Iran being in my top 5). Her pictures are astounding and I cannot wait to see more.

The Tea Birds by Bristol In My Pocket. There is nothing I love better than a post about tea! My goodness does this place look cute and cozy and the perfect place for Afternoon Tea. I am making a plan to go here when I visit England.

Happy Reading!