Tea Talks 2.

I am back from Israel and Palestine so stay tuned for posts. I loved my trip and I already miss Israel and Palestine so much, I want to go back as soon as possible.

1. Ever since I got back I have an urge to do a lot of cooking and baking. I bought an apron and have tried a few recipes. Some did not turn out exactly as I had anticipated.

2. I have so many emails to open and things to catch up on, now that I am back in Canada. My to-do list is very long and may take me the rest of the summer to complete.

3. Current favourite songs (because I cannot choose just one): "Ain't it Fun" by Paramore"Latch" by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith (I love Sam Smith), "Girls Chase Boys" by Ingrid Michaelson"Problem" by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

4. I am currently reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini and "Of Neptune" by Anna Banks.

5. I am working on a series of posts about my travels. I have the first one written and so it is just a matter of deciding which pictures should be featured. I am trying to think of unique ways of showcasing Israel and Palestine since they are very unique places. I hope you can see the beauty I saw while I was there, my pictures, I know do not do it justice but I hope you get a sense of what I experienced.

6. My lunch (that I also had on Monday), featuring a little Israeli/Palestinian flare with za'tar on homemade bread and a good portion of hummus for my cucumbers. 

7. Oh yeah, one more thing...I am now 22! Yay! People have asked me if I wish I was in my teens again. No! Absolutely not, I love being in my twenties.

Happy Tuesday!