Tea Talks 3

Good Morning!!
  1. I am very excited about getting to work on my Israel and Palestine posts. I have the first one about Israel up and the first post on Palestine will be uploaded on Friday so stay tuned.
  2. I am currently reading (actually re-reading) The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. I recently found out that there are more than just the 3 original books, in fact there are now 6 plus a spin-off series.
  3. I was not allowed to watch certain shows growing up and one of those shows that it seemed everyone else watched was One Tree Hill. I started a few months ago and I am on season 8! Almost done which I am sad and happy about. I may be a little too obsessed with this show.
  4. I went to visit one of my best friends a few days ago and she got me hooked on another show called Switched at Birth. Let me know what you think of this show!
  5. One last thing: I recently updated my Goodreads book challenge to 30 books. How many books do you plan to read?
  6. I am really excited about this one...I have another Travel Interview! This time on Besudesu Abroad!

Happy Tuesday!!