A Place of Food: Israel and Palestine| Explore Israel and Palestine

Food is a wonderful thing, and Middle Eastern food is delicious. While the following pictures are of dishes you can find almost anywhere, I can attest to the fact that being in the Middle East and seeing and smelling these foods everyday made them taste so much better than they do at home. 

I could not resist this delicious treat!

I think it is the way the food is presented in the market or perhaps the way our generous hosts served the dishes to us as though we were the most special guests in the world but really we were thankful for them to talk with us and invite us into their homes. One tip I will share with you is that when you go to someones house to eat; eat SLOWLY! First hand experience has taught me that when you finish everything on your plate they will pile on more even if you are full. Some of my friends found themselves eating a third helping.

My group and I stayed in an apartment in West Jerusalem. About a five minute walk away was the Mehane Yehuda Market "The Shuk" where we bought all of our food during our stay in Jerusalem. On a typical day it is crowded with lots of people. Vendors selling food, trinkets, and clothes are yelling out prices in Hebrew and people are pushing by you with their carts to get their shopping done. There are also several restaurants in The Shuk, one of my favourites was the place selling waffles.

A traditional dessert in the Middle East is  كنافه Kanafa. It is a very sweet dessert consisting of a sweet cheese topped with, well I am not sure but something red and sweet. All you need to know is that is is delicious and you should have some.

Happy Travels!

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