Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I have seen this book being advertized on blogs, book sites, in book stores, and some friends have recommended it. I watched the trailer and although I know it will be very sad it looks like a very good movie.

I decided to buy the book to read first. This book is impossible to put down! I literally had to force myself to close it so I could a. get some work done and b. go to sleep. This book was amazing, I loved it and I recommend this book. I will also advise that you have some Kleenex on hand. I do not usually cry during books but this made me get a little teary eyed.

Augustus and Hazel are the best people and I wish they were real so I could just hug them and be their best friend. Seriously they seem like super fun people who I would like to hang out with.

Since I missed seeing it in theaters I will have to rent the movie. Which is probably better, since I prefer to cry over fictional characters from the comfort of my own home.

Happy Reading!