Book Review: The Good Girls Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedmen

Sometimes with travel books it is a hit or miss. If the writer does not tell the story or chain of events in a way that you can almost feel like you are there or you can totally picture that in your head, it can be very boring and dry. I did not feel that way with this book! I was captivated throughout the entire book and I felt that I could relate to Rachel in some aspects. 

The vague abyss of life after receiving that diploma, the wanting for an adventure and new experiences, Rachel goes through it all with a big red suitcase and it is very amusing. Her story starts in Dublin where she takes her first stab at an overseas adventure by herself. She meets Carly who is the opposite of her in many ways and ends up making her a travel companion for the future. 

The next leg of her journey, involves switching hemispheres and travelling through the Outback. Finally (well not really) she throws herself into the world of hostels and backpackers in South America.

The wanderlust starts when Rachel looses her passion for something she had enjoyed for many years and is sort of looking for that passion again and maybe a little clarity. I graduate this year and I already have the feeling of uncertainty and the want to take time to travel and see the world. There are so many opportunities and I feel like Rachel and her adventures will really resonate with a lot of people. 

If you are looking for a great travel-memoiresque book than this is the one for you.

Happy Reading!

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