Book Review: Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves

I was in the Travel section at Chapters and since I was in a bit of a funk (that feeling you get when you want to travel but cannot do so due to school or money) and thought I could use a travel memoir to escape into someone else's life for 300 pages. I was very excited to read this book. I thought it would be about all the places she visited and about the things she experienced there. It was about those things, however not in the way I thought.

The beginning of the book was great, I was fascinated by her time studying abroad in Egypt and her trip to Yemen. The middle of the book was not what I was expecting and to be honest kind of a let down.

Sure it was about the places she traveled too and the people she met, but it was less about the culture and more about the guys she hooked up with.

I am just not into reading 200 pages about all her guy problems. It just got to be a bit repetitive. I admire her strength and the fact that even though it was hard she never let the pressures of society define her and keep her still. She wanted passion and to find herself and I think that it takes a brave person to leave it all and go explore the world.

I liked the very end of the book. It was what I hoped the whole book would be about and it was a very inspirational final chapter, however I just wish the rest of the book hadn't been about how many guys she had slept with. I personally do not care.

In conclusion, I liked the beginning and end of this book, however I doubt I will be reading it again. If anyone else has read this book I would love to hear your comments. Maybe you took something from it that I failed to do so and could give a new insight into the novel.

Happy Reading!

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