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I saw many things in Israel and Palestine and to be honest not all of the things I saw and heard were warm and fuzzy. I have to share something with all of you, and some may find it hard to believe but I got to experience a Palestine that many people do not believe exists. People around me, friends and family, have a certain perception when it comes to Palestine and the people there and I do not blame them entirely for that opinion. Do I wish they could be a little more open-minded? Yes, I wish we could all be a bit more open-minded. The media here and the pictures you see when you type in Palestine in Google Images do not represent the Palestine I saw and fell in love with. It is a beautiful place to see and visit and I hope the pictures I share will do justice to that place and that you can find the peace and beauty that I found.





Heaven's Field/Roots (A place I volunteered at)

"I am not pro-Israeli nor pro-Palestinian. I am pro-solution" Ali Abu Awwad

Multi-Faith Party with guests like Rabbis from settlements, Imams, and Evangelical Christian Ministers from Texas

Happy Travels!

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