Monthly Blog Favourites: August

I have quite a few favourites this month and it isn't even over yet. Since I will be away the last few days in August I am posting this now. Here is what I read and loved this month.

First Sailing Trip with "Three Under Three" by Windtraveler. Is it strange that as a 22 year-old, with no desire to be married with kids right now, that one of my favourite blogs is about a family with three children (under three) that sails on a boat. Like how cool is that? I wish they would adopt me, I don't mind babysitting while on a boat in the Caribbean. Check out their blog because I am so excited that their sailing adventures will continue. Did I mention that two of the children are twins?

Worms Head Wales by Bristol in my Pocket. I love that a place called Worms Head (which lets face it is a very unattractive name) is so pretty. I am making this a place to go when I go to Wales (which is sometime in the future, hopefully near future.)

An Island on a Lake on an Island on a Lake... by Young Adventuress. So Liz is currently living in New Zealand which means I love all of her posts because New Zealand is gorgeous! It looks like an absolute paradise there and I want to live on one of those islands on a lake on an island...

Top 5 Cities for Architectural Travel (and Great Food) by Suitcase Stories. I love architecture, I am constantly taking thousands of pictures of buildings (sometimes of one building). I also love can see why I enjoyed this post.

Back to School: 21 Portable Allergy-Friendly Snack Recipes! by Oh She Glows. I am always looking for healthier snacks and I love this post because it has a ton of recipes! I am excited to try the Pumpkin one and all of the chocolate recipes.

Lady's Favourite Afternoon Teas in London by A Lady in London. It is no secret I love tea (like how many times can I mention that?) so of course I would love this post as both a tea drinker and a traveler. Guess what I will be doing when I go to England.

Postcards From Iran by JooJoo Azad--Free Bird. I would love to visit Iran one day. For some reason I am fascinated by Iran and Persian culture and I love getting to see pictures of the beauty of Iran which like Palestine is often depicted negatively in the media.

10 Things to See and Do While Visiting South Korea by Living in Another Language. So I am toying with the idea of maybe, possibly, hopefully, teaching English in Korea after I graduate. This couple taught for about 3 years I think and so I like that Amanda wrote about some things to see. Especially because I am not that familiar with Korea and I would really like to explore that culture some more.

I hope you enjoy these reads as much as I did and have discovered a new favourite blog (other than this one of course hehe).

Happy Reading!