Book Review: Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

This book is amazing! And it is one of those books that change your perception on things and well basically change your life. This book teaches you about issues in the world that are not prevalent in our media today and, in my opinion, issues it seems the Western world has forgotten about.

If you remember the book review I did a while back by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or if you have read it yourself, you know that she talks about FGM (female genital mutilation). This is something that unfortunately happens to many young women and it is one of the issues that Nicholas and Sheryl talk about in their book.

The book touches on many issues from FGM to Education which like Nicholas and Sheryl, I believe will help to end some of the many issues affecting the worlds young women.

This book gets to to think, feel, and it makes you want to know more and help. In the back is a list of organizations with an aim to further education for all children and specifically for girls education as well as organizations providing medical aid and counselling to rape victims in countries around the world.

So go to the library, amazon, local bookstore or a friends house, pick up this book and educate yourself on what is happening in the world and on what you can do to help counteract it.

Here is a link to the website Half The Sky

Happy Reading and Learning!