Book Review: The Little Lady Agency and the Prince by Hester Browne

This is not a little kids book, I know the title sounds like it should be, but I assure you it is for those of us over the age of 13. 

This novel is actually part of series called "The Little Lady Agency" and I think this is the second or third in the series. I have not read the previous books nor do I feel that one has too in order to understand what is happening in this one.

I instantly fell in love with the character of Nelson. I think it was the very sentence he was introduced and I knew something good had to happen to him. If I could marry fictional characters he would be on the list.

The novel is about Melissa who runs an agency dedicated to improving the reputation of the bachelors with a less than reputable reputation in the eyes of proper society (in the eyes of bar hopping, getting drunk and sleeping with everyone, he is the one to be). She takes on a new persona she calls Honey while she is at work in order to keep her work and private life separate.

As a favour to her Grandmother and one last job before she marries her former client and moves with him to Paris she agrees to take on the grandson of an old family friend who turns out to be a Prince...a playboy type of Prince who needs to get his act together before he and his family take back their royal crown.

I have read one of Hester Browne's novels previously and I really enjoyed it so it wasn't a surprise when I fell in love this this one too. With Melissa's crazy and very strange family, her roommate/personal foot masseur Nelson, annoying Fiance and Playboy Prince, this novel is sure to entertain. 

Happy Reading!