Want To Know More About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Hello everyone,

Well a cease-fire has been reached (again) and so far it looks like it has lasted. Although we all know things can change in an instant and perhaps when this post goes up, rockets will be firing again.

I hope, through my posts on Israel and Palestine, to educated everyone about life in these two countries. I will probably not go into depth on the conflict itself as I would much rather show you through pictures and my experiences what this conflict has done. I do follow some amazing bloggers and some of whom this conflict has affected as well.

I have two women whom I follow that I personally think do an amazing job at explaining the conflict without being too biased. I think it is impossible not to be on a particular side. And one is always going to feel more sympathy towards one side more than the other but as I like to think and say, I am on the side of the innocent people who want to raise their families in peace.

I hope by reading these two articles, it gives you a better understanding of this conflict that has been going on for decades (maybe even centuries, if we want to get super historical).

The first one, which gives a great historical background is written by Nadda Osman.

The second is by Hoda Katebi (who has been featured in my Monthly Blog Favourites a few times) and as a fashion blogger, and social activist, she puts her own spin on teaching you about the conflict.

I am very attached to the saying "Learn Something New Every Day".

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