#ABookADay Day 7: Last Book I Bought in a Bookshop

Since I basically live in a library with a very large pile of books to read, it is often hard to keep track of which one I last bought. I am guessing with this one because it is the last one I remember buying from a bookstore. I was in Toronto at the end of August and we were on Bloor street when my friend and I saw this store called BMV (I think) books. It looked amazing and it was three floors so obviously we had to go in.

I remember reading this book back in high school and loving it, because it opened my eyes to something so unfamiliar to me. I always wanted to buy it, but for some reason I never did and then I saw it in the shop and it was on sale so I figured now is the time to buy it. I enjoyed reading it just as much as I did the first time. A review on this book will be coming soon so be on the look out. I highly recommend it though.

Happy Reading!