Book Review: Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

While I am not at the point in time where all my friends are getting married and having kids I do feel like I am one of the only women my age who does not have a Wedding Board on pinterest. 

 This book really captured the feelings many young women experience at this time in their lives when there are a lot of bittersweet endings and new, albeit slightly terrifying, beginnings.

I really liked this book. It is a nice quick read and I love the characters. I felt that they were very real and dealt with real life post-graduate issues.

One thing I will note is that at first I found it hard to keep track of the characters. It said on the back that the novel follows 3 girls (Isabella, Lauren and Mary) but then there were chapters dedicated to completely different girls and I got confused because I couldn't remember who was who. After a few chapters I finally sorted everyone out.

Isabella, Lauren and Mary are in the post-college world and going through bad jobs, new jobs, breakups, law exams and working on maintaining the perfect smile even though they really want to pie the bride to be in the face. Honestly, some of their friends I would be at my wits end dealing with. Life isn't perfect, friendship isn't perfect and pre-wedding events are far from perfect and the post-graduate world seems traumatically terrifying. I cannot wait (in all honestly I am looking forward to graduating, I just home I have a few more years before weddings and babies arrive).

I think this is a nice book, perfect to take on a trip or if you just want something fun and light to read.

Happy Reading!