Book Review: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

This book is about Hemingway's first wife and is an account of their life together, which most of the time took place in Paris. I did not know much about Hemingway before reading this book. 

This novel paints him in a very bad light and honestly I am sure some of it is actually true. He seemed like a horrible person. Yes I know he wrote some great stuff and he is a famous, classic author but as a person he is...well awful. 

Throughout the book I felt so sorry for Hadley and just kept thinking: Why don't you leave him! He is a rude person. I don't really want to give anything away but if my husband insisted I sleep in the same bed and travel with him and his mistress there is no way I would be like "Ok honey, what ever you want". 

I know this is not what she actually said but I would have been out the door with my baby and never looking back.

I am conflicted with this novel. One one hand it was written beautifully and it took place in the 1920s so it was great to read about life at that time and I liked learning about Hadley and Hemingway. On the other hand it made me really upset and sad and had me cursing at Hemingway for being a jerk.

I will leave it up to your judgement! And please let me know your thoughts on Hemingway in the comments below. Am I being too harsh? Is he simply misunderstood? 

Happy Reading! (This sentiment may be inappropriate for this book...)