Monthly Blog Favourites: October

I'll admit it, I have sucked at blogging this month. My whole #ABookADay thing failed and I have yet to even write up a post about Israel and Palestine. Well I am still planning on posting both! However this little thing called school is getting in the way of my life. I am not ungrateful because I am fortunate to go to school but sometimes it gets to be too much to handle and all I want to do is sit an write a fun little blog post. And also read blogs. I went on bloglovin and went through 700 posts in two days so I could at least post a Monthly Favourites in the hopes you will see I have not abandoned my blog or died.

Is anyone else in that mood where you just want to have a day to goof off and not have to slowly check off items on your to-do list which, might I add, keep growing by the minute?

First World problem rant over...but please tell me your troubles in the comments below so I don't feel too dramatic anymore.

And now, the reason you clicked this post in the first place: Monthly Blog Favourites

Diving in Greece: Submerged in Santorini by Alex in Wanderland. Amazing pictures of life under the sea (where we all know it's better). There is also a shipwreck you can swim through, I am so down with that. To-do list: Finish school, get Diving license, fly to Santorini, live with the fish.

Volcano-climbing in Indonesia by Backpacking Travel Blog. I have this fascination with volcanoes. I enjoy watching documentary's on them, especially if they are the kind that predicts when the net huge explosion is going to happen. I'm odd, we know this. The fact that you can actually climb or hike up a volcano that is active is like the coolest thing after being in a cage with sharks swimming around you. I do not have this fetish for danger, I just find things like this so cool!

24 Things To Do With 24 Hours in Malta by Be My Travel Muse. I love posts like this, which I am sure I have mentioned before. I do not know much about Malta but I do know I would love to go there. There are 365 Churches (which means I am going to be taking lots of pictures) and this amazing thing called Blue Grotto, you should check it out.

Prague is a Fairytale by Besudesu Abroad. I may have to start calling this series: Favourite Blog Posts about Prague. Did I mention I want to go there?

Where to find all Harry Potter Destinations Around the World by World of Wanderlust. Is there anything cooler than this?

Climbing the Great Wall of China: An Amazing Experience  by Flying Dutchgirl. Well this is definitely happening at some point in the hopefully near future.

10 Amazing Things To Do in Seoul, South Korea by Just One Way Ticket.

Expat Guide:Moving to a New City Checklist by World of Wanderlust. I may be needing this soon.

Epic Graffiti of West Bank by True Nomads. Artwork is so powerful. This brings backs some memories,

Happy Reading!