My Top 5 Places I Wish to Visit

I like lists. I make lists for just about everything and while I may not have a 'bucket list' I do have a list of goals I wish to accomplish. I also have a list of places I wish to visit, which includes just about every place on this planet. My list is quite long and includes probably every UNESCO site, however that would take me forever to write out here in a way that is interesting and so I have decided to choose just 5 places to share with you.

Let me know your 5 places (or more if you wish) in the comments below. Do we have similar destinations in mind?

#1 Prague

This has been a recent obsession. I am not entirely sure why I want to go there besides the immense historical draw. One day I just got it into my head that this was a specific city I wanted to go to. I even bought a Lonely Planet Guide Book, even though I am not planning on going there any time in the immediate future. I guess, like my choosing of the number 5, I do not have a specific reason as to why I feel the need to go to Prague. Maybe this is something that I will figure out once I get there.

#2 South Africa

This has been a place I wanted to go since the FIFA World Cup. Not because of soccer, but because when I was watching the commercials and video footage of the events leading up to the World Cup I saw that the people were bundled up in coats and scarves. I was confused. Africa I had always thought of as a very hot place, and to see everyone in coats made me realize I do not know as much as I thought I did about South Africa. I decided right then and there that my lack of knowledge of this country was not acceptable to me and that if I wanted to really get to know South Africa I would have to travel there.

Also I hear there are penguins in South Africa.

#3 Iran

I remember the exact day I decided Iran was a country I needed (not just wanted) to go to. I was in my Grade 12 Literature class (taught by my favourite teacher) and Ms. A had put up a slide show to show us about Iran. The purpose of her class was to have us read books by other cultures and the first book we were reading was called "A Honeymoon in Purdah: An Iranian Journey" by Alison Wearing. On the slide show I saw pictures of big cities with tall buildings, like the kind you would see in Toronto and New York. I saw groups of teenagers hanging out and laughing, wearing clothes similar to those in North America. What I was expecting to see was sand. Lots and lots of sand, mixed in with women cloaked in black with their heads down. 

Much like my South African epiphany, I realized that my world view was limited to what I saw on the news and what the people around me thought of other cultures. I decided to do my own research about Iran and the more I did, the more I knew I had to go there and see for myself the wonders it has to present. I may not agree with the government. I do not agree with many governments, but I still travel to places even if I do not like their current leader. I travel to meet people and experience their culture, not to voice my political opinion.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Moving on...

#4 Turkey

Why wouldn't I want to go to a place that is connected to 2 continents? I just think that is so cool. Also a Narnian obsession with Turkish Delight, has me curious to see what other sweet treasures I can find in this country.

#5 India

Not going to lie but there are 2 main (slightly cheesy) factors that fuel my desire for India. 1. Eat, Pray, Love. 2. I want a Sari, and I want to wear one without people staring rudely at me (in my small town, a sari is something not seen). India has been on my "Top" list the longest (out of these 5). Whenever I see pictures, it always looks so colourful and happy! 

Happy Travels!

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