Tea Talks No. 6

This is where I sit down with a cup of tea and update you on my life, aka the stuff that happens behind the blog.

So yes, you could say I have be very bad at this whole blogging thing for the past two months. That is what happens when you take a full course load, an TESL course, and join a club at school. All time for a social life is gone, much less time for a blog. Exams are coming up soon and that means that when I am done there will be a few weeks in which I can catch up and blog.

What has been happening these past two months?

  1. I took an TESL/TESOL course for three weekends and when I complete 40 hours of online work I will officially be certified to teach English as a second language abroad.
  2. I went to the University of Western Ontario to compete in a Model UN conference which was a pretty cool experience. I was El Salvador for a GA committee on the South American Drug Trade. The resolution I supported got passed which made me super happy. If you have participated in MUN you will understand.
  3. I started to watch Game of Thrones. I have finished the first season and the first book. I am now reading the second and hopefully will watch more episodes over the winter break. I am late jumping on this bandwagon, I know but I figured I would give it a try. Let me know if you are a Game of Thrones fan. Also is the short form GoT or GOT?
  4. I won something in a giveaway!!!! This never happens to me! I will save the details for when the item arrives but if you cannot wait go check out Colleen Brynn Travels.
  5. During my study breaks/meal times I am re-watching Gossip Girl. I am on Season 5 and can we just talk about Blair and Dan for a bit? Is anyone else annoyed with this pairing? Please leave opinions below.
  6. There is one month until Christmas...I apologize for being one of those annoying people who post every day, "5 Friday's till Christmas" or "7000000 seconds until Christmas". We get it. However in my defense I just looked at the date and realized it was a month away.
  7. I felt like there was a lot more I wanted to say in this post, and a lot more interesting items to mention but I cannot remember.
I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday. I should probably work on some homework now and stop procrastinating. Good luck to all of you who have final papers/exams.