A Little Country Road Trip

After just getting back from a rather expensive overseas trip, you could say that another big, long trip is not in the cards right now. And you, yourself may be in a position where a big trip is just not in the budget but yet you yearn to travel. You should travel! Travelling is not just going to a different country for a week or two, it can be as simple as driving around your area and maybe visiting family or having a mini road trip with friends where you stop in little towns.

I was invited to teach a little mini lesson at a kids camp owned by my favourite high school teacher. She lives about 2 hours north of me and one of my best friends lives about 30 minutes north of her and so I decided to make myself a mix CD, stock up on peanut M&M's and Apple Chips (seriously my new favourite thing) and hit the road. Just a little road trip with me, myself and I (Plus the lovely boys of One Direction to keep me company).

While my 'adventure', may not seem that adventurous I will share a little something with you that made my trip adventurous to me. I recently got my G2, which for Ontario drivers means I can drive by myself without a license driver in the seat next to me. Before this trip I had never driven longer than 20 minutes by myself and it was in an area I know like the back of my hand. So you can imagine going into an area I do not know at all and not even taking major highways (only back-roads) was a little nerve racking even with the GPS, because I do not have complete faith in technology.

I drove through many small towns with names like Melbourne and Delaware and passed streets like Sassafrass and Dew Drop. I got to see the beautiful Southern Canadian countryside and I even stopped at one of the best and most delicious places: Parks Blueberries and Country Store. Here you can find an assortment of, well, blueberries among other things like fresh baked goods, a delicious lunch, kitchen items, cookbooks, and other cute items.

Happy Travels!

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