Monthly Blog Favourites: December

Another year has come and gone and I am happy to say I had a pretty good 2014! A lot happened and I am excited for any new adventures that may happen in 2015.

I do not have many favourites this month, that does not mean I haven't liked a lot of posts but many posts were about places to travel to in 2015 or resolutions or Christmas posts. I like all of those posts but I guess I got tired of reading so many similar posts.

Arabian Nights by Colleen Brynn Travels. I love basically everything this girl writes! Her blog is amazing and I loved this post, brought back memories of my own Arabian style nights.

Largest Castle in Wales| Caerphilly Castle by Bristol in My Pocket. I love castles and I really want to go to Wales so I was drawn to this post for obvious reasons. Also I have been following this blog for quite a while and I love the posts since they are mostly about historical buildings like castles or churches.

10 Awesome Hostels Around the World by Travelettes. It is always nice to have budget friendly options when looking for accommodations. Hostels shouldn't equal: will I contract a disease from being here? I really like the look of U-Hostel in Madrid.

Visiting the White House During Christmas by Adventurous Kate. This would be so cool! I think that is all that really needs to be said, if you want to see some pictures of what the White House looks like at Christmas time, go check out this post.

First Trip to Istanbul? Here is All You Need to Know! by Love & Road. It is true! This post offers great tips and places to see, the best season to travel in and even suggestions on places to stay and eat.

10 Weird Laws in Singapore That Could Get You in Trouble by Adventurous Miriam. While I do not really like the title and calling the laws weird, I did enjoy this post. I think it is very valuable to be aware of different customs and laws and the fact that you could get fined from taking a sip of water on the metro seems a bit extreme, but good to know.

Things I Learned About Liechtenstein by True Nomads. I love learning about other countries, and since the only thing I knew about Liechtenstein is where it was on a map I was interested in reading this post. Did you know there is no airport in this country?

Interview with a Traveler with @KaylaLKiteley by Suitcase Stories. My interview with Suitcase Stories came out this month! This made me so happy! I love it and I hope that you will read it.