Monthly Blog Favourites: November

Well goodbye November, it has been nice but I am happy to move into the Holiday Season. I love when the house is all decorated and looks so beautiful and sparkly! Hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and I plan to have some posts up this month.

How Mongolia Changed My Life by Young Adventuress. Moving, inspirational, and real are the words I would use to describe this post. Liz portrays a feeling, I know well, of how impacting an adventure can be.

Seasonal Itineraries For an Epic Month in Central Europe by A Globe Well Travelled. I love this post! It suggests itineraries for each season and I think it would be lovely to travel this area in the Autumn months.

French Castles to Make You Feel Like Royalty by Eurotrip Tips. Beautiful photos of exquisite castles, that make me want to go back to France like yesterday.

10 Tips For First Time Travel to India by Hippie in Heels. This girl is your India guru. She lives there and has travelled the country extensively. Her blog should be your one stop shop to plan your trip to India.

Tasmania, Wineglass Bay by Lens Between Us. One of the coolest blogs I have ever come across. I cannot even describe the awe I experienced when I discovered it. If you have not seen it you need to check it out. It is so unique and their photography is amazing!

10 of the Coolest Restaurants in Europe by Relokate. One of the best things about travel is eating the cuisine. Why not try it in a cool restaurant. The view from the one in Croatia...Take me there now!

Teaching Abroad Interview: From Florida to Korea by She Dreams of Travel. I always like reading these types of posts. I like knowing peoples personal experiences.

World's Best Airports by Suitcase Stories. I love airports and I agree that Amsterdam is one of the best.

Top 5 Places Not to Miss on Turkey's Aegean Coast by Wood and Luxe. I am going to be honest, the image of Turkey that comes to mind is me stuffing my face full of baklava in front of the Blue Mosque, Now I know of a whole new, beautiful side of Turkey and I will for sure visit the Aegean Coast...whilst still eating baklava.

This One Time We Walked to Austria by Overseas Escape (formally Guten Blog Ya'll). So this is definitely happening.

Have you read any of these posts? What are your favourite blogs? How was your November? 

Happy Reading!