Rouen and Honfleur

If you were a follower of my old blog, you may have seen this post before. But because of the incident (all pictures disappearing) which led me to create this blog, I have been transferring all posts. I have made it so the others are published months ago, because I wanted to stay current with these posts but I have decided that I will do sort of a 'throwback Thursday' kind of thing and post the remaining posts about my 2013 Trip to France on Thursdays until they are all posted. I hope you enjoy and if you wish to see the previous posts, on the right side there is an Archive section where you can see them listed, starting in January.

After Monet's Garden we were on the road again further making our way to the Northern Coast. Our next stop was Rouen to see a lovely cathedral, you know my obsession with cathedrals.

Richard the Lionheart

A very unique looking  church, is coming up next. It was very difficult to get a picture of the whole church to show the way it was constructed but I hope these pictures will give you an idea. It is the Joan of Arc Church, and while every cathedral has a statue of Joan of Arc, this church is specifically hers.


The next picture is one of the oldest wooden churches in France called Sainte Catherine.

There is a carousel in EVERY town. I am not exaggerating. I do not know why there is one in every town but if anyone knows please leave a comment below.

Happy Travels!

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