Landing Beach: Gold

The canola fields. They are just so pretty!

I wasn't kidding when I said there was a carousel in every town. I now wish I had gone for a ride on one of them.

So as I stated on my post about Omaha, I decided to have two different posts just because I took so many pictures at Omaha. 

There was not a huge memorial and set up as there was at Omaha. There was a museum but I did not get the chance to walk through it as it takes an hour to go through apparently. The main attraction at Gold beach (one of the British Landing Beaches) is the Arromanches or Floating Harbours. 

The British knew that the Germans would be able to see them coming and would burn the harbour so that they wouldn't be able to dock. The idea was to build floating harbours and tie them together so they could float down the Channel and after their use be sunk so the Germans could not use them. Well there are some that are visible today which was cool too see.

Happy Travels!

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