Landing Beach: Omaha

I am very passionate about history! I love it and I was actually a history major before switching to international relations. The main reason I wanted to go to Northern France was to see the Landing Beaches. I did not get to go to Juno (the Canadian landing beach) however I really valued and appreciated the time I had at Omaha and Gold beach.

I have so many pictures I want to show you for Omaha Beach so I will leave Gold Beach for another post!

I was very surprised by Omaha beach. I thought it was going to just be a beach and maybe a little walk-through museum but the Americans did a wonderful job commemorating the fallen in an amazing monument. It was truly a sight to see and I hope that they are very proud of that monument because I think it is spectacular! 

I cannot even describe the feeling of standing on the beach and looking up at the grassy, steep cliff and think there was no nice paved path down in the 1940s. There was this steep hill covered in this thick, marsh landscape and a enemy waiting at the top. I cannot even begin to wonder what was going through their minds and how they ever thought they could get up there.

This wall had names of those who fought and the places they were from. There were even a couple Canadian names.

In the Museum there was a wall with posters outlining hour by hour the events of D-Day.

Next post will be about Gold beach, which is one of the British Landing Beaches.

Happy Travels!

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