The Charming Town of Bayeux

In the town of Bayeux, is where you can find the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the story of William the Conqueror who became the first King of England. You cannot take pictures of the Tapestry but it was amazing to see and since it was created in the 1000's or 1100's, it is so cool that it has survived this long. The last part of the tapestry is missing, but the detail is really neat to see.

Here she goes again with the Cathedrals...I know, I know but I think by now you guys know that I will always take hundreds of pictures of them. I just love the architecture so much! This one is La Cathedral Notre-Dame de Bayeux.

I really thought this picture of a dragon was cool and possibly odd for a Catholic Church. I am not a Catholic so I do not know for sure but I did not think there were any dragons mentioned in the Bible. Regardless, I bet it was a great story!

Happy Travels!

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