Book Review: Full Circle by Julie Tulba

Full Circle: Tales of Travel and Self-Discovery from Around the World by Julie Tulba.

I actually had the pleasure of winning this book in a giveaway featured on one of my favourite blogs: Colleen Brynn Travels! I was so excited because I had never won anything in a giveaway before.

The book is actually written by a fellow blogger Julie, who write at The Red Headed Traveler. Her book, Full Circle, is composed of touching short-stories that draw you in and inspire you. I really enjoyed reading this book!

Normally I am not one for short stories because I get attached to the characters and want to read about them for my whole life, rather than just a brief second. I definitely felt this way with some of the stories in this book. I am pretty sure I shouted (in my head and maybe out loud) "But what happens?!", once or twice. Despite this, I loved the stories!

There are a couple of stories that really stood out to me, but before I dive into that I just want mention the illustrations. There is one at the start of every story and the cover of this book is beautiful! I love it. It is an intriguing book to look at and makes you want to pick it up and read it.

My favourite stories are:

1. "A Beautiful Friendship, A Beautiful Moment" | Costa Rica. This story is about Caroline, a professor, who decides to travel to Costa Rica for Spring Break. She does not know any Spanish and has never been to Costa Rica before. While there she befriends Daniel, and she agrees to help him with his English in exchange for him showing her the local, non-tourist side of Costa Rica.

2. "Ohana"| Hawaii. I fell in love with this story. I do not want to say much because I feel like I will end up telling the whole story but it brought tears to my eyes and, well it made me think of Lilo and Stitch (Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten).

I recommend getting a copy of this book. I chose to receive a hard copy but it is available electronically.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Happy Reading!

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