Tea Talks No.8

A few weeks ago I applied to graduate from University! I am not sure exactly how I feel right now, well actually right now I feel like the day can't come soon enough, but I think in time I will be feeling bittersweet. One thing I am sure of though, is that I am getting annoyed with people asking me what I will do afterwards. My answer: I don't know. This is somewhat true. I have a general plan in mind but I tend to change my mind a lot and although my goal is to go and teach English abroad at some point, I have started to wonder if I would like to do some other things before I go.

Today's Breakfast: Kale and cheese omelette

I know I shouldn't be annoyed, they all mean well but I think I am experiencing what plenty of other people my age go through and that is uncertainty. Sometimes it is not enough to just have a bachelors degree, and a masters is required. I have decided to not apply for graduate studies at this moment and to take time off from school and see what else is out there.

In the mean time, I am currently still in school (I have about two months left) and it is Reading Week, or the Canadian version of Spring Break. I am using this time to hopefully catch up on blog posts that have been sitting in my draft folder for months. I would also like to get ahead on school work but no one really wants to write essays while on 'vacation'.

Last Friday, I went on a little trip across the border to Dearborn, Michigan where some friends and I had an awesome afternoon eating shawarma and buying baklava. If you find yourself in Dearborn make sure to go to Shatila bakery and Sky Lounge for delicious Mediterranean treats and good food.

I am currently reading the third book in the Game of Thrones series and I actually enjoy this one more than the first two. I think I am finally growing attached to the characters and I find myself becoming very worried when one of them may die. You never know with these books when a character is going to die, I feel like the author just decides randomly that this one has to go. Also is it weird that Cersei is becoming one of my favourite characters? I feel like most people dislike her.

I am also reading a great new book called "How to be a Heroine: Or, what I've learned from reading too much" by Samantha Ellis. In this book she talks about various literary heroines in terms of feminism and what makes them the heroine. Included are some of my favourites: Anne Shirley, Jo March and Elizabeth Bennet. While I do not always agree with her opinion on the characters, I find it interesting to look at the stories I fell in love with in a new light.

I bought the book from a site called bookdepository.com. I wanted to try a different online bookstore and I actually really liked this one. First: free shipping anywhere!! And no minimum amount (amazon I am looking at you). Second: On the website there is a little link to see what other people have just bought elsewhere in the world, I found this very cool. Third: I was about to throw away the package that the book came in when something told me to look inside. I found a bookmark! Now some of you may not get that excited over a free piece of card stock but I love bookmarks and so I was pleasantly surprised. The bookmark is designed by one of the customers and on the back it has their name, where they are from and their favourite book. I thought that was such a lovely idea and it just made me really happy.

I hope you all have had a nice month so far, let me know what you've been up to in the comments below.

Just in case you are interested, my cup of tea while writing this was a new brand. I am enjoying the "In the Clear" tea from ohsheglows.com, which is supposed to help with focus and concentration. I thought it might be fitting for the long to-do list I have to tackle. 

Happy February!