Monthly Blog Favourites: March

So I am six days into April and as a blogger I definitely failed at my task for the month of March. I would apologize but it is just the same thing you have heard before: school and life. They happen,  can't control it and if my professors would work around MY schedule then life would be easy but that is simply not the case. Before I get into the favourites I will just quickly tell you with a lot of excitement that I finally, FINALLY created a Facebook Page for my lovely little blog!!!!! Took me long enough. So if you would be so kind as to like it that would be amazing! As of right now, I am the only one who likes it. Yes I like my own things. I will be posting the posts I post on here (try saying that 5 times fast) so you can scroll through your Facebook feed and among the statuses about studying for exams (or lack there of), boyfriend drama and your Aunt's funny grump cat posts there will be flashes of places around the world and book reviews for you to read.

Now on to the favourites:

How to Trigger Your Wanderlust at Home by The Tourist of Life. I love articles like this. It can be hard not to travel but having the urge to travel and so it is nice to have ideas of other travel related things to focus on.

What to Look for in Travel Insurance by A Globe Well Travelled. Super useful guide for someone who hasn't really had to buy travel insurance (I have only used the one provided with my credit card).

Why I'm Travelling to the Middle East during the ISIS Threat by Curiosity Travels. "Because not all countries in the Middle East are actually unsafe". Thank you, just thank you for that sentence. It is all about perspective people.

10 Islands for the Dame Traveler Beach Bum by Dame Traveler. This blog is a recent discovery of mine and I love the layout and style of it. This is such a pretty article to look at, the pictures make me want to shop for bikinis and catch the next flight somewhere with an ocean.

How Traveling Changes You by The Tourist of Life. It is true, travel does change you. In my experience it has been for the better. Travel has had a positive impact on me and has made me a more positive person.

Happy Reading!