St. Malo: Spending the Day in a Pirate Town

St. Malo is right along the sea and so it was the perfect place for...PIRATES! Yes, when our tour guide mentioned this was once a pirate town I was instantly excited and I kind of hoped there would be people dressed up as pirates around town. Alas there wasn't, but this is still a nice town to visit. Part of the town is fortified by: Le Fort La Reine, as a deterrent to Pirate invasions. Not sure how well that turned out but the fortress still remains and we got to walk along the inner and outer walls.

This was a very windy day! More so than our time at the D-Day Beaches and Mont St-Michel. I still managed to take a few good shots even though I was holding onto my camera very tightly. I wouldn't want it to fall and get swept out to sea.

As I mentioned, it was very cold in St. Malo and so tea break was needed!

I was tempted to take the pirate ship for a quick sail around the harbour.

Happy Travels!

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