Book Review: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an amazing speaker and I highly recommend watching her TEDx Talk. This book, is 50 pages long. It is an abbreviated version of her TEDx Talk and it is a very interesting read. She explores the concept of feminism, but, in my opinion, in a different way.

Feminism lately has been something to be debated and there are two campaigns that drive both sides: "Why I Need Feminism" and "Why I Don't Need Feminism". I won't divulge which side I am on, however I think the concept of feminism has been distorted.

In this book, and in her talk, Adichie looks at the concept of feminism in African society and provides personal anecdotes of how, because she is a woman, she is treated differently in her personal life. Without getting too much into the feminism debate, I really enjoy this book for one particular reason. On page 39 in the last paragraph I found words that made me shout Thank You! as I was reading it.

Unfortunately some of those who identify as feminists are often judgmental of other women who also identify as feminists. To reiterate these are my personal opinion and if you don't agree with it, that is okay, I am not mad, nor will I negatively debate you on it. Often some will look at a woman and say well she says she is a feminist but this is why I don't think she is. Just like people, feminists are all different and we have different interests. There is some sort of stereotype that as a feminist I cannot be 'girly', the fact that I enjoy wearing aprons, and make-up,  and that I like baking and watching the Kardashians, somehow makes me less of a feminist. Well this is precisely why I enjoy the paragraph on page 39 so much, it reads:

"I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femininity. And I want to be respected in all my femaleness. Because I deserve to be. I like politics and history and I am happiest when having a good argument about ideas. I am girly. I am happily girly. I like high heels and trying on lipsticks."

 I think this book stimulates good debate and makes you think a bit differently about feminism and not see it as an extremist man-hating ideology (which I never thought it was). I think Adichie is a terrific writer and I would like to read more of her work.

Happy Reading!

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