Monthly Blog Favourites: May

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great month! Mine has been, well I feel like busy would be an understatement. A lot has happened and I will be starting a new series on this blog, regarding one of the major changes in my life. That is all I am going to tell you for now, so without further ado here are some of the great blog posts I have read this month.

Also before I share, you will notice that there are posts from only two blogs. This does not mean I only read two blogs this entire month but these two are actually some of my top favourite blogs and I think that the majority of these monthly favourites have featured these two blogs multiple times.

50 Ways I Saved (A Lot) of Money to Travel the World by World of Wanderlust. I like articles like this because it gives you an idea of ways to save money if you wish to travel the world. Unfortunately it is not cheap and sometimes you need some inspiration and creative ideas to figure out just how you are going to save up the money.

A Quick Guide to Visiting The Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi by World of Wanderlust. This mosque looks absolutely beautiful! If you have never visited a mosque this is quite a helpful guide as to what is appropriate to wear and gives you tips on this mosque specifically, like the best times to visit.

Better Beauty Products for Your Body and the Environment by The World Wanderer. I always try and make better choices when it comes to my lifestyle, whether it is the food I am putting in my body or the products I am using on it. While I do not specifically look for environmentally friendly or products not tested on animals when shopping in the drug store, I do like when a product has both those features. I enjoy shopping at LUSH because I know their products are not tested on animals and while they may not be good products for the environment, it is hard to find reasonably priced products which are both. I liked this article because it was different and provided me with some new information about future products I might purchase.

How Travel Has Changed Me by The World Wanderer. While this is a personal story I think it sparks personal reflection in the reader. How has travel changed you? I know that travel has changed me into a better person, not that I was so awful before, but it helped me to see and look at the world differently. Travel has taught me that everything may not be what it seems like on the news and travel has taught me a lot about other people, cultures, languages and food. Even a small trip to a local attraction can change you or enhance a characteristic inside you that makes you appreciate things differently.

What are some great posts you have read this month? And if you would like to share how travel has changed you please leave a comment below.

Happy Reading!