Book Review: Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer

Proof of Forever follows four former best friends as they are reunited on the last day of the annual summer camp. Joy, the one who moved away and basically stopped talking to everyone is the one to reach out and send a text asking Tali, Luce and Zoe to meet her at the camp they attended two years ago, when they were still friends.

In an effort to remain civil to one another they decide to take a picture in the photo booth together. When the camera clicks, something strange happens. Everything goes dark, the booth begins to rock and the girls scream.

When they step out, they realize that something is very different. It turns out they were sent back in time two years ago to camp. Did I mention that the photo booth is only pulled out on the last day of camp? And the girls have now have to live at least a week in the past before they can even try and get back to the future.

As with all time travelling stories, there is the rule that you can't mess up past events or you may change the future. The girls think that if they recreate the picture they took two years ago, they may be able to be sent back to the present.

However, since they are not really friends any more, in addition to collecting the items in the picture (merit badge, tiara) they also have to deal with the sudden end to their friendship, the goals they had in the present and the opportunities they are presented with in the past that would change the present.

While I am not usually big on time-travel stories, I enjoyed this one. While the 'secret' that Joy is hiding became quite obvious to me after a few chapters, I didn't mind the author dragging out that piece of the story until the end. I liked how the girls were not only dealing with a host of personal issues and feelings but also attempting to reestablish the bonds of friendship that they lost.

It is a second chance at opportunities they may have passed up before and I liked how the story progressed. This was another one of those cute, light, contemporary, summer reads I picked up in between all of my political/historical books I read this summer. This is a good end of summer read.

Happy Reading!

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