Book Review: On Palestine By Frank Barat, Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe

One day, while I was working at a bookstore, I was putting books away on the shelf and came across this one. I hadn't yet read anything by or featuring Noam Chomsky and I had been meaning too. I decided that this book was something I would want to read, it is after all on Palestine. I had been there and this book was going to talk about some of the events that led to Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, the time I had been in Palestine.

Frank Barat is an activist who started an email conversation with Noam Chomsky, a political, economic writer and a professor as well as with Ilan Pappe who is also a professor and has written several books on Israel and Palestine.

I think this was an amazing book! It was full of opinions, facts and the truth. It analyzed the basis of Zionism, the conflict, the relationship with the West and the United States. It examined both the Gaza Strip and West Bank and provided a historical glance of the area which was very helpful.

I feel like Western media tends to be very pro-Israeli based and often portrays the Palestinian people as terrorists. After spending time in the West Bank and Israel I have learned that this is grossly untrue.

You may disagree with everything in this book, and that is fine, it is your prerogative to do so, however I recommend this read for everyone. I think it is important to get as much knowledge from all perspectives as possible, but maybe that is just because I studied political science.

I also learned a lot about the events of the summer of 2014. As mentioned I was in the West Bank and Israel during the months leading up to the war so I know a bit about it, however this book taught me about a few details I had not known about.

This was a very captivating book and I am planning on reading more books by the three contributors, mostly because they focus on the Middle East.

Happy Reading!

If you have read this book or have recommendations under this genre please let me know!

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