Finding the Ocean | South Korea

I love the water, I could sit for hours just watching the waves and the boats and whatever else may be in the water.

I can see the mountains from my apartment every day and I love the view, however I really wanted to catch a glimpse of the ocean.

Incheon is on the East China Sea and so I knew that with a bit of a subway ride I would be able to get there. Incheon is a major port city and it is broken up into many districts. I live in Bupyeong which is a little more inland. I looked at the subway map, talked to some of my friends and assumed that if I went to this place called Unseo, on the airport island I would be able to find it.

After a lunch of apple pancakes made from scratch at an Italian restaurant called The Hidden Kitchen, I as well as two of my fellow teachers set off to find the ocean!

From the Bupyeong-gu Office station we took Incheon line 1 to Gyeyang (the Korean subway system is very easy to use once you get the hang of it, plus all the stops are in English and Korean). When we got to that station we transferred to the Airport Railroad line towards Incheon International Airport. 3 stops later we had arrived in Unseo.

After a bit of confusion with google maps and having to stop and ask for directions, we walked through this lovely little park. It was a Sunday afternoon and the town itself was very quite. The park had pictures of plants on display and families strolling through, enjoying the beautiful weather. At the end of the park there is a set of stairs that looked very promising.

Sure enough as we climbed those stairs we could see the water! Success! The stairs then lead down to  a path made of gigantic rocks, that you could climb down. We spent a good portion of the afternoon relaxing on the rocks, taking pictures, talking and I dipped my toes in the water.

It was a great Sunday, and I now have a quiet place to go when I need a break from the busy, bustling city.

Happy Travels!

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