Getting Used To A New Place | Incheon, South Korea

Well I have been in South Korea for about three weeks now. It doesn't feel weird or strange like I thought it would feel. I feel like I am in the right place and despite the language barrier I do not feel like an outsider.

I make it my goal every weekend to explore a new part of my new home. I want to do so now, while the weather is still nice. I know that once it gets very cold here, I am going to want to stay huddled up inside with my tea and books. So far I have been to Seoul twice and managed to do quite a bit of exploring in my own neighbourhood, but let’s start at the beginning shall we, with the plane and all the things I have seen and done so far. I will get into the details of teaching and getting the job later.

On August 23 at 4:00 am I woke up, put on some leggings, a lightweight shirt, my leather jacket and packed a scarf in my carry-on and headed to the airport. I flew out of Detroit, Michigan and headed to Chicago. I had a layover for a few hours, plenty of time to get some lunch and take a nap, before I boarded a flight that would take me straight to Incheon International Airport. I flew with Asiana Airlines, which is by far the best airline I have ever flown with. The food was excellent and they would always come by with more snacks. My total trip (flying and layover) was 18 hours and my flight from Chicago to Incheon was 14 hours. Surprisingly it went by pretty quickly. I landed, exhausted but excited and full of awe as we drove through the city to the hotel.

My school, set us (8 new foreign teachers) up in a hotel for the first week as the teachers who were leaving hadn’t moved out of their apartments yet. The hotel was very nice, it is called The Theme Park Hotel and it is in a great neighbourhood with plenty of restaurants and things to see and do. Also it was about a 15 minute walk from work.

Being a country girl, the first few days in such a busy city with flashing lights everywhere was a bit overwhelming. It still has its moments, but not in a bad way. I really like this city and it is pretty easy to navigate.

All of these pictures are things I have noticed around Incheon on my little jaunts of exploration. There is so much to tell you about this place I really have no idea where to start. The next few posts will just be snippets of Korea, random pictures as I tell you some things I have discovered here.

Happy Travels!

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