Would You Rather Travel Edition #2

So after Shane from Sea Salt Secrets told me there there are two more Would You Rather games, I knew I had to a. read her answers and b. answer the questions as well. I am now super obsessed with Would You Rather. She has two more versions (as of right now) and so I will post them and my answers up on the blog. I am going to try and space them out so when you are reading this, take note that the next one won't be up for a few weeks.

Here we go...Would You Rather...

Do a vision quest in which you fast for a few days while totally alone in nature OR take a hallucinogenic drug under shamanic supervision in the jungle for a 'journey' that will last all night?

I have no interest in trying drugs, even if it is a natural, cultural one. The idea of hallucinating freaks me out a bit, so I would rather fast alone in nature.

Wear a sweater and beanie in the Sahara OR wander around Antarctica in a Speedo for 15 minutes?

Having been in a desert before and survived while wearing long pants and a scarf I think I will be okay wearing a sweater in the Sahara, at least I won't get sunburned.

Watch your washroom door swing open during a meeting of the Mile High Club OR during an epic case of in-flight diarrhea?

Ew. The first one.

Be on a 12 hour bus ride by yourself with a malfunctioning iPod, no book to read and no journal to write in OR with a fellow traveller who won't stop talking (even if you let them know you don't want to interact)?

This is a tough one, one one had I wouldn't mind being alone, even if I had nothing to entertain myself with but I feel like saying that makes it seem like I hate people, but I am going to choose the first one.

Stay with a local family--awesome cultural experience guaranteed--but the children are noisy and the room you have has very thin walls and you can hear everything OR in a nice quiet hotel that is sterile and devoid of any local culture?

I would much rather have the cultural experience. I think that at the end of the day I would focus on the good things that happened to me and just accept the noisy children.

Get $500 million for making the world a worse place OR find the cure for cancer and get no recognition?

Oh my goodness, of course I would rather cure cancer. Who would want to be responsible for making the world a worse place?

Travel for a bit too long--to the point where you feel a bit bored (even though you initially loved it) OR not quite long enough?

I would rather travel for not quite long enough because I think if I became bored of travelling I would be sad and I would rather be left wanting more after a trip.

Visit Oktoberfest in Munich or Carnival in Rio De Janeiro?

While I want to experience both, I think Carnival would be a lot of fun and I would learn a lot about the culture.

Travel the world for free for life (hotels and airfare) OR have $400 000 deposited into your bank account?

Travel for free for life...duh.

Spend Valentine's Day in Paris OR St. Patrick's Day in Ireland?

Spending St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is something I really want to experience.

Take control of the airplane for five minutes OR take control of beverage service for the entire trip?

Oooh I think it would be so cool to fly a plane! I choose the first one!

Travel to observe the day after your birth OR to observe the day after your death?

I feel like if I observed the day after my death, I would see my family in a very sad place and I wouldn't want to see them sad so I would rather see the day after my birth, when I know that everyone who came to the hospital to see me was happy. Also it would mean I would get to see my great-grandparents who passed away years ago.

What would you answer? Answer in the comments below or post a link to your blog post!

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